"The Grunt"

The work of the grunt was unnoticed by the average American civilian, but for the soldier on the front line who witnessed life and death on a daily basis, he was respected and honored.

To the grunt, Vietnam was a never-ending succession of life threatening events. Besides living with the constant fear of death, grunts had to endure a host of miseries: firefights, incoming, body bags, boredom, moaning and groaning.

Humping one to two clicks a day through a sun-scorched jungle, wearing an eighty plus pound ruck sack containing C-Rations, LRPS (long range patrol food), water, claymore, machine gun ammo, light infantry tank weapon (LAW) and personal belongings, and carrying a weapon and wearing a steel pot in brain-scorching heat was no party. 

But neither was enduring torrential monsoon rains, boot-sucking red clay mud, intense humidity, dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunburn, steaming hot jungles, malaria, dysentery, wait-a-minute vines, and jungle rot. 

Then there were the blood-sucking leeches, poisonous spiders, gigantic poisonous centipedes, malaria ridden mosquitoes, fire flies, bush snakes, bamboo pit vipers, scorpions, rats, fire ants, fuck you lizards, re-up frogs, and a thousand other discomforts.

Despite all this the grunt did his job well.

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Kern County Vietnam War Memorial

For those who served in Vietnam and gave the ultimate sacrifice. You are never forgotton.


Clayton A. Fannin


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